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Unlock the Power of Perfect Eyebrows with Permanent Makeup

As poets say, the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, capturing attention and conveying emotion. Equally important, eyebrows frame the face and significantly influence our overall appearance.

The Importance of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are versatile facial features that can be modified in color, shape, and thickness to enhance your look. The right design can:

  • Illuminate and enhance your eyes
  • Make eyes appear larger and more expressive
  • Balance facial features
  • Provide facial symmetry
  • Add a youthful appearance
  • Soften or intensify expressions
  • Create a sophisticated, natural look

Let’s Practice

Naturally, eyebrows often lack the ideal shape, so they typically need adjustments to suit different face types and eye shapes. The shape of your eyebrows can alter the perceived oval, eye distance, and nose proportions. Precision is key, as even minor changes can significantly impact facial balance and harmony.

influence of eyebrows on face

Understanding Face Shapes

Our faces are geometric, classified into shapes like oval, round, square, oblong, rectangular, triangular, and hexagonal. Identifying the primary lines and matching them with eyebrow direction and length is crucial. The oval shape is often the reference point for comparison.

Eyebrow Anatomy

Eyebrows consist of three parts with varying thickness:

  • Origin: The thickest part
  • Height Point: Slightly thinner, high or medium
  • End: The thinnest part

Key Considerations in Eyebrow Design


Eyebrow color significantly influences facial expressions, either softening or hardening them. Key points include:

  • Harmonize eyebrow color with hair color.
  • Light hair suits slightly darker eyebrows.
  • Dark eyebrows appear wider, so set the color before tweezing.
  • Modify color by lightening, dyeing, or intensifying with pencil and shadow.


Eyebrow lines can be horizontal, ascending, descending, or rounded. They affect the eye’s oval shape, altering its form. Consider:

  • Oval Faces: Support any eyebrow shape, but consider eye shape for the best line.
  • Round Ovals: Short, ascending brows balance width and add length.
  • Square Faces: Short, soft brows reduce width and soften expressions.
  • Elongated Ovals: Long brows add horizontal width.
  • Triangular/Hexagonal Ovals: Long brows balance the lower face.
  • Inverted Triangles: Short brows narrow the upper face.


Eyebrow length can be long or short, influencing the face’s optical balance:

  • Oval Faces: Balanced length.
  • Short Brows: Narrow the upper face, suitable for broad faces, but not for triangular or hexagonal faces.
  • Long Brows: Widen the upper face, ideal for narrow or triangular faces.


Eyebrow thickness impacts eyes and facial expressions:

  • Small/Sunken Eyes: Avoid thick brows.
  • Large Eyes: Thicker brows are acceptable.
  • Thin Brows: Sophisticated but can add years.
  • Thick Brows: Intensify expressions.

Relationship with Eyes

The distance between eyebrows and eyes can be close or separated, affecting the look:

  • Natural balance: Distance from the brow to the lash line should equal or slightly exceed the iris width.
  • Close brows: Depilate lower hairs and raise the brow.
  • Far brows: Lightly depilate and adjust the top of the brow.

Relationship with Nose

Consider the nose’s width and length:

  • Broad/Narrow Nose: Avoid separating brows too much.
  • Long Nose: Slightly separate brows.
  • Short Nose: Slightly raise brows.

Golden Rules for Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows allow for modifications in color, thickness, and direction, but changes must adapt to facial characteristics. Avoid following fashion trends; instead, select eyebrow styles that complement your eyes, face shape, and personal style. Remember, eyebrows are the most expressive lines on your face.

By mastering these principles, you can achieve beautifully balanced and expressive eyebrows with permanent makeup.

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