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Experience the transformative power of our Permanent Makeup treatment, elevating lash enhancements, shaded or basic eyeliner to new heights!

Step 1: Predrawing

The predrawing process is crucial for achieving a perfect permanent eyeliner look. Each eye is unique, requiring a keen artistic eye to ensure symmetry from a “speaking distance.” Using our Goldeneye mix and draw sticks, we meticulously design the eyeliner and mark the edges of any desired eyeshadow or shading. Smudging the pigment with a cotton bud gives the client a preview of the final look.

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Step 2: Design Transfer

Once both the client and artist are completely satisfied with the shape and design, the design transfer begins. Using a single needle, we carefully transfer the design onto the skin, ensuring precision and adherence to the initial plan.

Step 3: The Eyeliner

For the eyeliner, particularly the lash enhancement, we use a 3-micro needle. The skin in the lash area is tougher than the eyelid, allowing for a slightly higher machine speed and firmer pressure, ensuring the pigment penetrates effectively. The top edge of the eyeliner is blended into the shaded area, so precision is maintained by filling the eyeliner completely and matching both sides.

Step 4: Shading

Shading adds depth and dimension to your eyeliner. We employ a low-power machine and swift hand movements to create a pixel effect, using techniques like “whip shade” or “cat scratch.” Shading is a superficial layering process that ensures the basic eyeliner remains intact while the shading gradually fades. For a stunning look, we recommend using a mix of black and brown pigments.

On our model, Lucy, we used Goldeneye Coloressense Real Black 290 with a few drops of Skin Top, an oil-based product that soothes the skin during the treatment. Proper skin stretching is vital to prevent wrinkles and ensure smooth application.

Step 5: Final Check and Tweaks

After both eyes are nearly complete, we perform a final check to address any weak areas. Using a Pigment Detector, we fill gaps with a #3 micro needle or a single needle for finer shading. Consistency is key—every needle insertion should deposit pigment effectively.

Step 5: The Results!

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